For mind and heart. And then for soul and treat.

Necessary material

5.- sfr flip chart paper

5.- sfr markers

5.- sfr screen for the overhead projector

Rent for a seminar room

Service charge for meetings without food, only with drinks:

30.- sfr “Moeli Stobe”

40.- sfr “Hochzigsaeli”

All-inclusive prices for seminars from 10 people

Single room

92.- sfr with shower/WC, cable TV, radio alarm, telephone, safe, hairdryer

38.- sfr -half board

20.- sfr -2xbreak drinks, incl. croissant and mineral water, utilities like overhead projector, flip chart, pin wall, TV/Video, incl. necessary material and space rent.

150.- sfr -totally all-inclusive in the single room

135.- sfr -totally all-inclusive in the double room per person (equipment like in the single room)

22.- sfr -extra charge for full board

54.- sfr -flat charge for the guests without overnight stay, incl. lunch