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Traditional hospitableness

Hospitality has centuries of traditions in our house. The history of Linde istraceable till the time around1600, when an inn with a carriage station has been built at this place. The old, venerable lime tree in our garden dates back from that or even earlier time.

About 1800 the inn was rebuilt with a big hall. Today’s restaurant has been constructed later in 1840 in the basement, just beside the new made road from Teufen to Buehler- Appenzell.

In 1889 the St.Gallen-Gais-Appenzell railway with gear wheel was newly opened. The Linde got its own station, which can be used even today in arrangement with the railways of Appenzell.

Lanker family is the host in the Linde since 1901


Emil Lanker bought the Linde on the 1st of January 1901 and established the hosting tradition of the family Lanker. This tradition has been growing through the three generations of this family. By now the fourth generation is already prepared to take over great-grandfather’s line.



New building of a concert hall



Business of a mill with a dairy farm and a skittle-alley



Grandmother Ida Lanker-Haettenschwiler leads the company together with her son Hans-Jacob Lanker



The company is taken over by Hans Jacob and Lilly Lanker Mueller



Demolition of the mill, skittle-alley and of the old church. Construction of the new by pass road Teufen



Rebuilding of the restaurant and Rotary hall



Takeover of the company by Hans-Jacob and Julia Lanker-Popp in the third generation



Opening of the new hotel section



Opening of the new “Linden-Saal”of the municipality of Teufen



Six new hotel rooms and the “Moeli-Stoebli” are opened



New garden with special granite tables



Renovation of the restaurant



Renovation of the hotel rooms